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The aim of the trust is to be a truly representative supporter’s organisation offering much more to the football club than merely a physical presence at games and vocal support to the team.

For too long supporters at Hartlepool United have been seen as “passive contributors” or “customers” of a business. A Supporters Trust will change that.

We believe that the Supporters Trust model that has been established across the country is what the supporters of Hartlepool United need want and deserve. We also believe that the Trust and all it stands for should be part of the very essence of the football club and its connection with the community.

Hartlepool United Supporters Trust (HUST) is born out of a need for change at our football club but its aims, which are set out in the document, are based on a vision of a two way engagement with the custodians of Hartlepool United. We aim to develop links between the owners and the community the club serves, and ultimately to have supporters representation on the Board of the club through purchase of an increasing stake.

Now is the perfect time for owners to connect with the supporters through the Supporters Trust established by the Hartlepool United Supporters.

The Trust is registered with the Financial Services Authority as a Community Benefit Society and has its own Model Rules and independent auditors.

- Working Document

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