Our Aims

To strengthen the bonds and dialogue between the Club and the supporters. To encourage the Club to take proper account of the interests of its supporters and the community it serves in its decisions and to honour the contribution made by the community in
the past. We believe that the town and surrounding areas have earned a real and meaningful stake in the club by investing time, labour and hard cash into the club. This history cannot be ignored.

Ultimately, we wish to promote the full, accountable democratic and constructive involvement of supporters in the running and direction of the Club, including the principle of supporter representation on the board of the Club

Supporter “Surgeries”

Similar to those ran by MP’s, the trust would run a monthly surgery for supporters to meet with The Trust and the decision makers within the Club to air problems and present ideas. These ideas would then be developed through the Trust for further analysis and implementation where necessary.
Introduce and encourage involvement in a truly representative supporter’s panel.
This panel would be made up of supporter representatives from across the wide spectrum of supporter groups; young people, family groups, travelling supporter groups, fanzine editors and forum representatives. This group would work with the trust to highlight issues, draw the attention of the club to problems and present the club with workable, sensible resolutions. The Trust would then take forward the issues and work with the club on developing issues and ideas.

Hall of Fame

The Hall Of Fame is a concept adopted at many clubs and is designed to recognise the stars of yesterday; stars that have a place in the history of the club; stars whose achievements should not go unnoticed or merely be consigned to the history books of the club. It is proposed that an annual event be held by The Trust, recognizing and paying tribute to those former players and figures associated with achieving excellence during their association with Hartlepool United Football Club.

- Working Document

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