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An introduction to the Trust

What will the trust be?

What can it achieve?

Democratic – The board running the HUST will be democratic, and will be subject to regular elections and regular meetings. It will communicate with its members regularly.

Fans but not lapdogs – The HUST will always strive to avoid knee-jerk solutions and statements, wherever possible providing clear, concise and objective views.

When the Club is doing well, the Trust should not be afraid to say so. When the Club is not doing so well, the Trust shall also point this out, but in a constructive way, offering solutions rather than just criticism.

Seeking Ownership – The HUST would like to have fans to have ownership via the Trust of as much as the club as is feasible, and shall be looking to extend this to the maximum it is sensible to pursue at any given time.

Seeking Involvement – The HUST would like involvement at the highest levels.This does not mean that we will not comment on more mundane matters, but the Trust shall always be stressing that its vision is as much strategic as contingent.

Formalised – HUST feels it is important to cement fans involvement in the club by either a constitutional openness from the club to the Trust and a voluntary offer of a place on the board of a fans representative.

Not-for-profit – No member of the Trust committee shall gain financially from their involvement with the Trust; all involvement is a function of being committed to the values underpinning the Trust, not personal gain.

Inclusive – Any fan can join the HUST and share the values underpinning it. The Trust will promote equality and diversity regardless of age, disability, sex, orientation, race or religious beliefs.

Sustainable – The vision underpinning the HUST is medium-to-long term. The Trust platform is about how the club can be run a better and more inclusive club where club officials and supporters work together towards a common goal.

- Working Document

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