What we are not..

A single-issue protest group – The Trust is committed to ensuring the long term
success of Hartlepool United and, wherever possible will not allow short term single issues campaigns to interfere with its long term aims.

A Fundraising Body – It needs to be remembered that a supporters’ trust is different to a clubs Official Supporters Club. Trusts often raise money to enable them to buy shares in the club, but Trusts do not simply hand the money over to the club: the HUST would in this position ensure that supporters get something in return, over and above the goodwill of having given the club money.

- Working Document

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HUFC Trust
@hpoolneil @philwanley @HustTournament @Official_HUFC 10 is missing. We have a 14, 16 and 17 if they're any good 😂😂😂
HUFC Trust
RT @HustTournament: Sorting the kits out for Saturday's tournament for one of the @HUST_1908 teams. Thanks for the donation @Official_HUFC…
HUFC Trust
RT @HustTournament: Don't forget. Kick about tonight at the domes 7-9. Get yourself along if you want a game for the trust in this Saturday…
HUFC Trust
All @HUST_1908 members and other poolies don't forget yo collect. Can't wait to get behind the club this season and… https://t.co/BDAaA2eWXp
HUFC Trust
RT @Official_HUFC: BREAKING: Midfielder Conor Newton becomes #Pools' eighth signing of the summer https://t.co/jz3QI0PB17 #InTheSquad https…